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A Daughter’s Letter

Posted on April 4 2014 by Anuo N Mepfhii-o in Poetry

A Daughter’s Letter

Dear father,

We live in a world where

We are free only in dreams.

Each beautiful morning,

It is yet another story

Of one of us- Abused and Tortured,

Raped and Murdered.

My naïve little sisters

Falling prey to inhuman bastards.

All these tragedies-

Written, read, protested and forgotten.


Dear father,

How do we thrive in a land-

Where even ‘home’ is no longer safe?

Where we feel threatened by

Every knock on the door?

Where we pray for love

But are sacrificed for lust?

Where we are denied

Even our most basic right to life?

Where we wonder hopelessly

What have we done terribly wrong to deserve this?


Dear father,

How long can we trudge along

With broken bones and broken hopes?

Think for us when you know that

‘they’ are parading unabashedly in the streets

With nothing to lose,

After a child’s play confinement-

Where we bury our heads in fear.

Make a change, father

As I ‘am even scared

To turn off the lights tonight.

A Daughter’s Letter
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Mepfhuo ko chüchü nvu nu! ^.^ :D
Hey sis....nice one...loved it..:)
Thank you yawao:)
The Poem and the image attached together, its a good one. Unei hoh!
N peziethor ho:)