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  • For God's sake, let them mourn their loss in peace!

    16 April 2014 ( #article, #death, #grief, #sorrow, #think-about-it, #write-up )

    New York Times bestseller Jodie Picoult wrote in her book My Sister’s Keeper , “There should be a statute of limitation on grief. A rulebook that says it is all right to wake up crying, but only for a month. That after 42 days you will no longer turn...

  • The Naga Mekhela: Weaving Naga Women Together or Apart?

    23 December 2018

    The Naga ‘Mekhela’ has been a very prominent aspect of tribal women’s indigenous identity. This is something which is used on formal occasions coming out with more elaborate (and expensive) designs each year. I believe every Naga woman own one. There...

  • A Daughter’s Letter

    04 April 2014 ( #Poetry )

    A Daughter’s Letter Dear father, We live in a world where We are free only in dreams. Each beautiful morning, It is yet another story Of one of us- Abused and Tortured, Raped and Murdered. My naïve little sisters Falling prey to inhuman bastards. All...

  • One

    04 April 2014 ( #Poetry )

    One It’s a paranoid world we live in, With our sanity hanging precariously at the edge, Our guilt conscience eating out the best of us; Unable to rise up from the graves of our gluttony, We turn into something we even fear to acknowledge. We change colors...

  • Stop Sharing Pictures of Dead People on Social Media!

    27 May 2017

    Social media is a very scary and ugly place today. We are an over documented generation where we magnify each other's faults and weaknesses. A world full of virtual stone throwers who disturbingly participate in body shaming, online bullying, cyber harassment,...

  • The Bara Bosti Woman

    07 June 2017

    The Bara Bosti Woman I have to be careful of the way I walk,Or I might walk as though The whole of Kohima belongs to me.I have to be careful of the way i laugh,Or i might offend somebody who is uncomfortable. The delightful phrase "kara hobo de" is expected...

  • Anonymous Giving

    09 July 2017

    I might be damned for writing this. But before you read, please understand that this is not directed towards anybody. I speak for myself here and I will respect your opinion to disagree as well. I also give you the additional liberty to correct me if...

  • Adult Online Shaming: A Virtual Nuisance

    28 September 2017

    Online shaming and public shaming is becoming too common on social media sites especially Facebook these days. It has become so normal that somebody can harass you online, put you down mentally, or make you uncomfortable with their words, put up your...

  • Girls/Boys and Social Media

    24 October 2017

    Girls/Boys and Social Media: A Toxic Relationship(For the young girls and boys who I’m friends with on Facebook)Girls on social media today live up to an impossible standard. Social media today is giving teenagers and young adults a negative body image....

  • The Season of Regifting should start too!

    17 December 2017

    The season of giving is here. And the season of expecting gifts is also lingering near. When we get older and ‘wiser’, we stop expecting gifts from Santa. But then, we shift that expectation to family, parents, friends etc.. We laugh at kids for believing...

  • Youth Culture: In Search of Ourselves

    09 February 2018

    Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I belong? Where do I go from here? What brought me here today? They tell me the answers to all these questions Will come to me if I am true to my culture, They also tell me to value my culture and my traditions,...

  • Parents and Old Age Homes: Somewhere something went very wrong. 

    04 April 2018

    Parents and Old Age Homes: Somewhere something went very wrong. If you really think about it, the senior citizens (60+ years) are the most under represented people today. We have people who stand up for the rights of unborn babies, women, men, gay, children,...

  • Reasoning Male ‘Nature’ in Rape Cases

    22 July 2018

    Please read this with a very open mind. Headline: “19 year old Naga girl raped in Delhi” There are some morons (not gender specific) on the internet who typed “she is asking for it”, “she deserves to die”, “don’t come back to Nagaland”, “she deserves...

  • Taboo?

    11 September 2017

    My mother once told me, that everything that tastes good is forbidden (taboo) to let woman or children eat. It is usually considered a taboo to let them eat. She half jokingly said it maybe because the menfolk don't want to share. But as good as she knows,...

  • Our October Story

    01 October 2017

    There are some stories that can't be told in the family without a little bit of tears and a hell lot of emotions. The what ifs, if onlys and the i wish's. Perhaps that's why we stop talking about it- just because it's uncomfortable and it's sad. But not...

  • New post

    08 September 2014

           DENIAL How painful it is To wake up every morning Where everything around Tells me you no longer stay here. I walked room to room Looking for you Foolishly thinking that It was all a dream- a nightmare. Reality dawned and I crumple to the floor...

  • Betrayed

    17 June 2015

    My father once told me, When fear paralyzes you suddenly Without a reason, Its because the spirits of loved ones Linger around us as They have something to tell. I had a disturbing feeling today, It was those rainy afternoons, I felt a cold shadow behind...

  • Home

    05 April 2014 ( #Poetry )

    Home Home The sky throws a tantrum like a spoiled child While the possessive fog covered the beautiful mountains But it sure feels good to be home!

  • For You

    19 July 2019

    We endured endings, even before it formed a name in the lips of curious observers. Wakeful midnight conversations, revealing vulnerabilities that disclose semblances all too familiar; drawing ‘patterns’ in spaces only we can understand; basking in each...

  • Predator

    04 September 2019

    A shadow lingers menacingly in the corner. Cigarette smokes drifting carelessly in the evening air. I try to catch my breaths escaping me uncontrollably. So many thoughts running through my head. I try to collect myself. Will i be another story in the...

  • Is Your Child Bullied?

    29 April 2017

    A 12 year old boy studying in a very prominent school in Kohima came home crying one day and told his mother he will never go to school again. When his mother suggested that she will talk to the school authorities, he refused profusely. Later it was learned...

  • Untitled

    19 October 2014

    When family becomes strangers, When the things you spend Your whole life building Destroys you in the end, When the only familiar face you see Is when you look in the mirror- May the afternoon sky reminds you That you are not alone, And the comforting...

  • The Road Home

    19 October 2014

    After a long, long day in the sun Toiling away in a barren land- I see children in the glowing sun Their forlorn faces tells me stories I do not want to hear; Women beckoning their children To the hearth that lights up by The sweat and toil of the common...

  • Crossroad

    09 January 2016

    . Life has given me more than I have bargained for, Much more than I deserve; It has given me more than It has taken away from me. Life have replaced friends Who have become strangers With strangers who have become family Life has been kind to me But...

  • Sublime Delusions

    10 January 2016

    Like many afternoons, He sits peacefully with 'them' Under the beautiful cherry tree, And every now and then, The wind delicately sprinkled Cherry blossoms over them, And they all tilt heavenwards And their melodious laughter echoes Over the hilly spaces...

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